A Digital Diamond &

Decentralized Government For PulseChain

PulseDAO is like "HEX on steroids" in terms of features and like "HEDRON on steroids" in terms of the utility and benefit it brings to the PulseChain Ecosystem.

PulseDAO combines the best features from most succesful cryptocurrencies, removes negative externalities and creates a decentralized government infrastructure for the PulseChain network.

Bitcoin became the digital gold. PulseDAO is like a digital diamond on the PulseChain network. A truly revutionary contribution to the PulseChain network.

Made to improve HEX and Pulsechain Ecosystem

PulseDAO innovated and improves upon proven concepts to create a scarce decentralized currency.

As the protocol gains power and belief, it acts as an incentive and reward mechanism for other participants to collaborate and contribute to the PulseChain ecosystem.

The Mission

1.) Creating a Scarce And Desired Asset - "A Digital Diamond"

2.) Incorporating a Powerful Decentralized Government Atop:
Controlled By Long Term Miners

1.) Creating a Scarce Digital Asset

PulseDAO adopts and improves the concepts utilized by the most succesful cryptocurrencies in existence such as Bitcoin and Hex.
With a range of new features and functionalities, PulseDAO offers a unique opportunity to get ahold of a new and genuine digital asset - a "digital diamond".

It's important to note that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future success. The asset price is to be determined by the supply and demand dynamics in the open market.

2.) The Mission: POWER to the PEOPLE
Creating Government For PulseChain Network

PulseDAO gives the users POWER and CONTROL.
In the real world companies bid for the contracts issued by federal government agencies. In a similar fashion PulseDAO allows the users to allocate treasury funds for any purpose or initiative.

This could mean expansion or contributions to HEX, PulseX or PulseChain, investment into other DeFI protocols or for longevity research and philantrophy.

The in-built treasury also acts as an incentive mechanism for contributors and influencers. Anybody can participate and apply for a grant. Treasury rewards are built into contract through inflation.

Decentralized Government For Pulsechain

Filling The GAP towards Decentralization

The DECENTRALIZATION is the main advantage of blockchain. Yet, everyone is waiting for RH to start streaming and implementing new features. There is NO organizational infrastructure and you must have no expectation from work of others.

PulseDAO fills the gap and provides a governance mechanism. It gives YOU the power and control to initiate the changes you wish to see. The ecosystem shall keep progressing and evolving to keep up with the fast-paced industry.

Finished & Complete Product

PulseDAO is a finished, complete and decentralized product. It's a tool for collaboration that connects the community with the technology and innovators. Creating self-sustainability and growth in a decentralized manner. After deployment of the project on PulseChain, you should have no expectation to make money from the work of the founding team or a third-party. (Try on Testnet)

About Us: The Team

The #1 reason for invention of cryptocurrencies was the elimination of middle man - creating trustless decentralized systems. Just like Bitcoin and Hex - PulseDAO has no employees, CEO or corporate entity.

PulseDAO is a decentralized protocol governed by long term miners. The in-built treasury creates incentives for contributors and self-sustainability in a decentralized manner.

Join PulseDAO and become a part of the decentralized autonomous organization.

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For the Pulse Ecosystem

PLS, PLSX, INC, Hex and T-share(staked HEX) holders can use their tokens to mine PulseDAO currency XPD! (View More)
PulseDAO participants vote & decide on the reward allocation for each option.

Utility for PulseX Incentive token!

So far Incentive token has been a zero-purpose highly inflationary token. PulseDAO in-built rewards finally create utility for the PulseX Incentive token!

Rewarding PLS, PLSX, INC, HEX and T-Share holders &
Decentralizing the PulseDAO Currency!

Innovative Mining Features

Made by Hexicans, for Hexicans

Pulse DAO Features

Inflation Details

Treasury Details

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Innovating Atop Best Practices & Most Succesful Concepts

Pulse DAO Features

Security Services

Miners Form The Government(DAO)

Operated as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governed by its users and long-term miners, this system utilizes a 100% on-chain consensus model. Your votes directly impact the system, with no intermediaries or central parties required.
Data Privacy

Time Deposit (CD)

The longer the lock-up period for your XPD tokens, the higher the interest you earn and the more voting power you possess. You are getting paid for delaying gratification and governing the network.
Industry Certified

Protocol Treasury

Pulse DAO has an integrated treasury wallet that allows users to manage the collective wealth. Through its protocol governance feature, users can perform token buy-backs, schedule token burns, issue payments and rewards, support of other protocols, contract and expand balance sheet, and more!

Creating Digital Scarcity

PulseDAO utilizes a custom-built inflation module, perpetually reducing over time. Creating a "digital diamond" for the decentralized digital future

Rewarding Long Term Thinking

Long duration lock-ups earn progressively higher rewards and give more voting power and influence over the protocol.

Reward Boost Events

A Reward Boost Event creates a short burst of higher mining rewards. Once expired, collected tokens are burned, and global inflation is reduced.

No Admin Keys

The protocol can evolve and be upgraded in a decentralized manner, without the need for admin keys. Long-term miners can vote to enforce improvement proposals.

Buy-Back & Burns

Integrated smart contracts allow the XPD tokens to be bought from the market and burned, directly impacting the market and decreasing total supply.

Treasury & Balance Sheet

Treasury wallet is collectively controlled by long-term miners, enabling token buy-backs, burns, payments, support of other protocols or longevity, balance sheet control, and more!

Decentralized Oracles

Users act as oracles, managing the system through on-chain governance. They can schedule reward-boost events, allocate mining rewards, roll-over bonuses, and more...

NFT integration & mining support

A trustless process allows PulseDAO miners to allocate rewards to NFT mining. Interest is earned by creating time-deposits(CDs)

Mine using Virtual Land

68% of global net worth is stored in real estate. Own a plot of virtual land within the metaverse. Start mining and earn interest on your property!

Trade on in-built NFT marketplace

Mine with NFTs, Earn Time Deposits

Explore the land & Customize

Finished & Complete
Live on Testnet

Mining Features (screenshots)

Governance Features (screenshots)

Airdrop Details

Airdrop Date On Pulsechain:
  • Live on TESTNET
  • Launch on Mainnet coming soon

  • Airdrop Types

    1.) Liquid Tokens (100% claim to wallet. Bonus voting credit if locked)
    2.) Illiquid Tokens (Penalties if claimed to wallet or if locked for short term)
    3.) NFT (virtual land) (10,000 land plots airdrop)


    Can i make money with PulseDAO?
    PulseDAO token does not yet exist. Once it's launched, it is likely to be traded on decentralized exchanges. The PulseDAO token will not be an investment. It will be a decentralized system that is designed to provide a benefit to the community. There is no expectation of financial return. However, if you will decide to invest in the PulseDAO token, you should only invest money that you can afford to lose.

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