Free 💎 Mining for
PLS, PLSX, INC & T-shares

Creating Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) on PulseChain

Bitcoin - alike Tokenomics

Bitcoin became the digital gold. PulseDAO emulates succesful properties of Bitcoin and HEX, creating a "digital diamond" on PulseChain network.

Mine XPD tokens using time
... or with PLS, PLSX,
HEX and T-shares

Mine PulseDAO using XPD tokens and time. Miners get rewarded with XPD tokens for securing the protocol. PulseChain Community can mine using PLS, PLSX, HEX and T-Shares for free.

Governance Framework

The Government gives a nation collective power to build skyscrapers and form armies. PulseDAO creates decentralized governance framework, creating collective power for the PulseChain Community!

How can you participate and benefit from PulseDAO?

✅ PulseDAO(XPD) is a utility token used to govern the decentralized protocol. Project goal is creating collective power for the PulseChain community to support public goods and philantrophy.
✅ PulseDAO is a FULLY DECENTRALIZED protocol
✅ There is no central authority
✅ Protocol is finished and complete, with no ongoing development efforts
❌ PulseDAO is NOT an investment
❌ There is no expectation of financial returns
⚠️ Token price is determined by market dynamics, driven by supply and demand
⚠️ The future value of the PulseDAO token is uncertain
⚠️ Please be aware that PulseDAO token may experience significant price fluctuations and could go to 0

Fair Launch, Distributed to PLS, PLSX, INC, HEX and T-Share holders

At launch Bitcoin required no investment and could be mined using a regular computer.
PulseChain community can mine PulseDAO for FREE, no investment required!

Improving succesful concepts of Bitcoin & HEX

And Creating a Decentralized Governance Framework

Pulse DAO Features

Innovative Mining Features

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Pulse DAO Features